About Us


At QGlobal community, we believe the key to unparalleled trading simply lies in building true partnerships with our students. By focusing on the values and trading PROCESSES unique to each student, we are able to relieve any trading challenges at the local, national, and international level. If you are looking to be a profitable trader and to be a successful trader, The QGlobal Community is the right institution to help you achieve your goal. With more than two decades in the trading industry, The QGlobal Community is a reliable and respected trading institution around the globe; we assist and teach live traders 5 days a week 240 days a year.


The Strategy of QGlobal is about having the freedom to make choices. To win, we must choose to do certain things and not others. Our strategy is about increasing the odds of winning trades 98.7% of the time… Period. There is no such thing as a perfect strategy, but to us, a successful strategy is about combining rigour and creativity. For the QGlobal community the strategy should always be creative and scientific; which involves generating and testing hypotheses.