The Everlie Program

The Everlie Program is designed for student ages 12 -17 year of age. Participants will be able to master the trading styles of professional traders. They will learn to read the chart and decided when to get in and when to get out of the Market. Participants in this program will practice on a demo account. The accounts are identical to real accounts and will allow the students to experience real trading without using real money. This also enables children to understand the experience their parents have when trading the Forex Market.

To qualify for this program a child must meet the age requirements and must have a parent that is an active QGlobal Community club member. If you as parent(s), are not a club members yet, please click here to register and purchase QGlobal club membership and then come back to this page to fill out the form by clicking on “REGISTER NOW” button below to enroll your child(ren) to this program.

If your child is considered for admissions to the Everlie Program, you will hear from the class instructor to provide you the program schedule and answer any questions you may have to prepare your child to take the program.

Click here to download Parent Authorization Form. This form must be completed, sign and uploaded with your application below.