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What is the Forex Market?

Forex stands for Foreign Exchange. It is the largest financial market and completes close to $5.3 trillion dollars worth of transactions daily. This market includes all currencies traded globally. You can trade from anywhere in the world. The best news about this market is that every market participant has a chance to capitalize on all the transactions completed each day. Want to learn how you can capitalize on this market? Register below and find out how.

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QGlobal empowers the average person with the ability to obtain true financial success. Our goal is to instruct each student on how to make $500 – $1,00 daily. We want to help you reach your financial goals, whether that is to pay off your home or retire early. Let QGblobal help you.

The Ultimate Trader Education

Through our expertly designed educational package you will learn just how to be a successful Forex Trader. When you complete this course you will have the skills necessary to be a profitable and confident trader.

The Ongoing Mentorship

We provide ongoing mentorship to ensure you are a profitable trader and we provide in person or online assistance when you need it. Winning is not easy, but with the right group of people around it is possible.

The Education for Children

Students want the best education, that starts with the best professors. Here at QGlobal we have the best educators to teach you the Forex Market. Our online and in person platform allows for flexible learning and ability to answer any questions that you may have live.

Practical Tools

QGlobal believes that having the right education is key to a great foundation, but education is not enough you need the right tools to help you achieve success. We give you the tools you need to be a skilled trader.

We are QGlobal

Welcome to the heart of QGlobal. We work diligently to instruct each trading student. More importantly we work relentlessly to give back to the community. We feed 1.1 million people each year through the HATT Foundation, Inc.

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    membership Benefits

    Joining the QGlobal Community has several benefits. The membership fee is $100 and for Annual fee is $1,100

    Become a QGlobal Community Club Member and take part in these benefits:

    • Gain insight on how QGlobal operates
    • Participate in all our amazing and grand social events
    • Participate in our Summit Events for free.
    • Watch master traders take trades live
    • Eligible to purchase our incredible Forex Trading Training Packages and Programs. Packages and Programs allows members who purchase them access to our Master Traders who will provide you the tools and knowledge you need to become a skilled, profitable and confident Forex trader.
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    What our Members Say

    "Joining this club has had a tremendous impact on my life. I’ve been able to learn an extensive amount of information in a short amount of time. This information has taken my finances to the next level."


    "I want to thank Dr. Que and QGlobal Community for the Q Global Club. Not only have we learned how to make $300- $500 per day on our own, but we have the opportunity to join the QGlobal Club in making a difference in families' lives. What this means is, being a member of QGlobal Community Club we can earn 10 times bigger and faster. You gotta check it out."


    "Joining the QGlobal Team has been nothing short of a blessing. Being in the Financial Industry I was immediately interested in learning more about what it meant to be a part of The QGlobal Team. I quickly learned that it is much more than simply learning how to trade. Dr. Que has changed the "Game", when it comes to learning this invaluable skill. As a QGlobal member, you will first learn how to take profit while you learn from one of the most successful Master Traders in the business. While making a profit and learning a lifelong skill would be enough for most people to get involved, there is a bigger picture with being a part of the QGlobal Team; or should I say, The QGlobal Movement. Dr. Que is heavily involved in the local community and churches. Always exploring new avenues to give back and more importantly to make a difference in people’s lives that otherwise would not have experienced the blessing they received had they not been in his presence. Being a part of the QGlobal Movement has and will continue to change my life in so many ways. Thank you, Dr. Que."

    Benjamin W

    "I am a Master Trader student with the QGlobal team, before QGlobal I had no knowledge about how to trade in the forex market. Dr. Que, the QGlobal leader told me "suppose he help me make $300- $500 a day with one standard, would I be open to learning how?" I quickly said "Yes", I was eager to learn how to do so. I can truly say that he has taught me how to take trades, follow rules while providing different tools to help make me discipline enough to face the market and the world. Dr. Que has also made sure that I have an incredible team around me that is also making $300 -$500 a day, now we have days where we are a lot more profitable. This has been a life changing experience that guarantees us to never go broke again as long as we have one standard."

    Ralph L